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A global company

PRISA Radio is the world's largest Spanish-language radio broadcasting group with with nearly 28 million listeners, 8 million unique users online (comScore) and more than 1,250 stations, either directly owned or associates, spread out over twelve countries.

    Directly in eight: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, USA, Spain, Mexico and Panama.

     Through brand and content franchises in four: Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Paraguay.

PRISA Radio enjoys an excellent position in the major Spanish-language radio markets, and is the absolute leader in Spain, Colombia and Chile.

Throughout these twelve countries, the company has developed a business model which values, above all, content and which favors the development of global brands. This in turn fosters synergies on costs and on advertising sales as well as the development of new formats across the board, both in general-interest radio as well as in music radio. PRISA Radio has a global presence with a local outlook and this allows the company to benefit from an exchange of ideas throughout the network, while, at the same time, boosting the value of the parent group.

Currently, PRISA Radio’s shareholder structure sees PRISA hold a stake of 73,49%, Grupo Godo, 18,37% and the 3i private equity fund, 6,11%. Additionally, PRISA Radio hold a stake of 2,03% in treasury shares.


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