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9/11 Special on PRISA Radio


Angels Barceló will analyze for all PRISA RADIO stations the 10 years that changed the world.

Prisa Radio’s special program to mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will begin on Sunday September 11 at 2pm (Spanish time). The program will be broadcast simultaneously in Spain, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Costa Rica. Angels Barceló will interview: Juan Manuel Santos, Cesar Gaviria and Ricardo Lagos.

Prisa Radio will be bringing listeners the stories of the victims, survivors and rescuers. We’ll be looking at the impact of the event on geopolitics, the economy and the Muslim community living in the U.S.. Prisa Radio will be joined by global terrorism experts, presidents and former heads of government, as well as relatives of victims of the attacks and one of the students who witnessed George Bush's reaction when he was informed of the attacks during a visit to a school in Florida.


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