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Cadena SER pledges its commitment in the fight against hunger


During the past few days Cadena SER has been informing its listeners about the desperate situation in which the African region of Sahel finds itself: on the brink of its most severe nutritional crisis in history. Being very aware of the seriousness of this reality, the entire network Cadena SER, along with all of its presenters (Carles Francino, Montserrat Domínguez, Ángels Barceló, Gemma Nierga, Nicolás Castellano, Pablo Morán and the sports information team, among others) are coming together to not only inform and raise social awareness about this cause, but to also raise funds that are so crucial in attending the nutritional and food-safety needs of Sahel´s population.

The first of the radio network´s iniativies is, a gigantic online virtual stadium that looks to transform the scoring and celebration of goals into solidarity. The main protagonist of this initiative is the team at Cadena SER´s Sports (Manu Carreño, José Antonio Ponseti, José Ramón de la Morena and Laura Martínez, amongst others).

By sending an sms, with a cost of only 1.20 €, anyone can score a GOAL against hunger in order to help thousands of children in receiving treatment against malnutrition.  Everybody who participates has the option of recording their own personal goal that is then included in the stands of the online stadium.  On the website you can also find videos created by the team of Cadena SER´s Sports, a box of commited VIP and other new features that will be added throughout the iniative´s 5-week run.

Cadena SER carries out in collaboration with Acción contra el Hambre, an international and independent humanitarian organization that will entirely destine all of the funds collected through this initiative to attending the nutritional and food-safety needs in Sahel (Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Guinea-Conakry) and Latin America (Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua).

You can watch our campaign video here

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