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Cadena SER widens its lead

Cadena SER sees listener figures rise by 4%, ranks top in all slots and is favourite with radio audiences with 4,208,000 listeners


The Spanish public has chosen Cadena SER for news in a year marked by great events. The global and European economic crisis, the ETA ceasefire and the general elections were the year's big news stories and ones that Spaniards chose to follow largely on Cadena SER.

Carles Francino's program confirms its number one position on Spanish radio and widens its lead over its nearest competitor by 780,000 listeners. "Hoy por Hoy', is up nearly 7% with 2,678,000 listeners.

The news program anchored by José Antonio Marcos, 'Hora 14', is the most popular lunchtime current affairs program with 572,000 listeners, Monday to Friday.

Gemma Nierga continues to lead in the afternoons. 'La Ventana' reported an audience of 668,000 listeners and maintained its lead among the evening current affairs and entertainment programs.

'Hora 25', directed by Angels Barceló, has twice as many listeners as its nearest rival, with an audience figure of 1,075,000. SER's ‘Hora 25' is still Spanish radio's top show between eight in the evening and midnight. With these latest figures, Barceló's program confirms its solid lead and position as the longest-running, most influential current affairs and opinion program on the Spanish airwaves.

Weekend radio news and entertainment still belongs to Montserrat Dominguez. 'AVivirquesondosdías' reaches 1,663,000 listeners on Saturdays and 1,468,000 on Sunday mornings, clearly ruling the airwaves during the weekend morning slot.

Late night leaders are  'HablarporHablar'  and 'Si amanece nos vamos'. Macarena Berlin reaches 433,000 listeners daily, an increase of 8.5%. Roberto Sanchez's 'Si amanece nos vamos'  is the top-ranking show between four and six in the morning.

Weekend news is also unbeatable

'Hora 14 Fin de Semana', directed by Esther Bazan between 2pm and 3.30pm, edged past half a million listeners for the first time, after growth of around 60%.


SER's CarruselDeportivo', with Manu Carreño, Ponseti and a great team of professionals and analysts, including Jorge Valdano, Kiko, Gerard Lopez, Michael Robinson, and Maldini, has received massive support from the listeners.

'Carrusel' increased its audience by 28% to 1,607,000 listeners on Saturday, more than double that of its immediate competitor, and on Sundays the figure is 1,691,000. The results are great news for SER's new-look Carrusel with Manu Carreño and Ponseti, and places the sports program at the top of the league at the weekends . The program increased its audience by 353,000 listeners on Saturdays and 455,000 on Sundays. It is the undisputed number one sports show on radio over the weekend.

'El Larguero', with José Ramón de la Morena, reported over one million listeners and strengthens its lead from Monday to Friday. The commitment by Jose Ramon de la Morena to bring on board new analysts  has paid off and has proved popular with audiences. De la Morena is the star of Spanish sports radio.

Absolute leaders in music

Top 40 music station 40 Principales is clear leader with 3.85 million listeners. Cadena Dial reached a new record of 2,354,000 listeners in time for its twentieth anniversary. Máxima FM continues to climb  and has 776,000 followers. M80 Radio has 491,000 listeners daily. Radiolé also increased its audience up to 525,000 listeners. 'Anda Ya', directed by Frank Blanco is the most listened to music radio show reaching 1,809,000 listeners.

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